5 Traditional Indian Bangles That Are Perfect For Your Main Event

5 Traditional Indian Bangles That Are Perfect For Your Main Event

Looking to add some glamor to your wardrobe this wedding season? Invest in versatile dangling gold bracelets for women and never miss a fashion moment! Whether you choose to fashionably stack or elegantly pair with an otherwise bare wrist, there is no wrong way to wear the gold bangle bracelets. 

Keeping in mind that the winter might appear to be different than the past few years, with fewer weddings and socially distanced events, the upcoming season will only strengthen this beautiful accessory's relevance. 

Though at a time when everything seems to be up for reevaluation, most of us are still debating on choosing between what we love the most, and what's new in the fashion world. 

Gone are the days when decorated necklines and dangling earrings were the stars of every event, now they are replaced with stacking and bold jewelry that effortlessly moves from day to night. 

Gold bangles or bracelets are the go-to accessories for the wedding season. Instead of looking for flashy jewelry, this season invests in structured bracelets that represent your timeless style inspired by your style. 

Combine your old and new bangles with our five favorite ones of all time — one focused on the pieces that make the most significant difference to you.

Crystals are The Classics 

It’s impossible to talk about gold bangles without mentioning the beautiful crystal bangles. The Gold Plated Shimmering Bangle Set is engraved with colorful stones that can be slipped on and off to match an outfit. 

crystal bangles

Pair it with dazzling gold-plated earrings to complete your look.

How To Wear: Wear these with an elegant saree, or a simple suit for a Mehendi ceremony.

Florals Are Forever

Perfect for your everyday look you can adorn these floral designer bangle sets themselves or stack them with chunky kadas. These floral bangles can be worn with ethnic or western attire to give a feminine yet bold look. 

How To Wear: Most often worn at weddings, you can pair floral bangles with traditional Indian outfits in rich colors like red, green, and orange. You can also pair them up with simple net sarees for a haldi look. 

Diamond Bangles For The Main Event

For the wedding, you can pair the crystal bangles with a lehenga or a silk saree. Gold bracelets are dated back to 450-445 BC and with their intricate patterns, they are considered the best option for any big event. For an unforgettable style, you can pair the bangles with stunning rings that add flair to your look. 

Diamond Bangles

How To Wear: If you are a nearly wedded bride, then you can pair these bangles with your kaliras for your everyday look. These bangles go well with suits and sarees.

Grand and Royal

Inspired by the culture of Rajasthan, floral bangles with peacock geometric patterns are perfect for any occasion. The beautiful green and pink beads offer an upgrade from your simple Kundan bangles.

Kundan bangles

How To Wear: You can pair these beautiful bangles with bandhani or banarsi sarees for a royal look.

Gold For Days

Classic designer bangles are every married woman’s pride. The designs are ones to watch out for. With intricate details and crystal studs, these elaborate bangles are perfect for the modern woman. 

Classic designer bangles

How To Wear: Pair these designer bangles with silk suits or sarees. 

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