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And while we don't want to make you wait, it is still important for you to know certain things before you buy a perfect pair of jhumkas for yourself. So, SCROLL THROUGH !!


These gorgeous dangling earrings are not only stunning and eye-catching, but they also come with a rich cultural history that dates back centuries. 

The jhumka earrings are believed to have originated in South Asia. But, these Jhumkas (also known as ‘chandbali’ or ‘jhoomar’) were first made popular by Mughal empresses and princesses who would don them for royal occasions. Since then, this style has become an iconic piece of Indian jewellery and is now worn worldwide. 

There’s also this myth that says jhumkas date back to a time when they were believed to protect women from evil spirits. Yes, exactly, you read it right, “ ye teri Chandbalian”  supposedly had some powers, which is quite an exciting thing we got to know, right?

But now, enough about histories; let's go through the PRESENT TRENDS since Radha, and you must be keen to hop onto this collection by Estele.

Everyone is aware of how diverse the jhumka earring collections are. But what's interesting to know is the colour combinations and types of outfits that will suit the different kinds of jhumkas. So, the below STYLE TIPS are all for you to grab for your next look.

  • If you want an earthy yet glamorous vibe, then opt for oxidised silver jhumkas paired with tribal prints or earthy tones like olive green & mustard yellow. This unique combination is perfect if you're looking for something non-traditional yet elegant at the same time.

  • Be daring by wearing bright-coloured stone embellished versions - think rubies, sapphires, emeralds etc., against darker clothing colours such as navy blue & black. This will not only bring out your bold side but also draw attention without fail - guaranteed!

  • You don't need heavy jewellery when sporting a skimpy outfit – instead, go minimalistic by opting for small delicate floral patterned jhumkis made from Kundan that shimmer against pastel fabric shades, creating an effortlessly chic feel!

A few tips so that your JHUMKAS DON’T FALL IN BAREIILY KA BAZAAR; by this, we mean to let you know some insight on ….


  1. Keep Them Safe: One of the best ways to ensure your jhumkas last a long time is by storing them in a safe place where there’s no risk of them being bumped or scratched while you’re not wearing them. A good option could be putting each pair into individual pouches or soft cloth bags before placing them in an airtight container away from direct sunlight and moisture. 

  1. Clean Regularly: Dirt and oil build-up is one of the main reasons why jewellery loses its sparkle over time – so regular cleaning sessions should definitely become part of your routine! To clean silver jewellery such as jhumka earrings, use a silver polish cloth or dip it into diluted soap water mixed with baking soda powder for extra shine; gold jewellery should never be dipped directly in water so opt for using a mild detergent solution instead (if necessary). After cleaning, leave it to dry completely before putting it back in its pouch/container for storage purposes. 

  1. Avoid Direct Contact With Chemicals: When wearing any type of jewellery – especially anything made from metal or gems like pearl or diamonds - you must avoid contact with perfume sprays, hairspray products or other harsh chemicals which may cause discolouration and damage over time if left unchecked! So always apply makeup and fragrances before donning your special pieces.

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