Unleashing the Allure of Oxidised Jewellery: Estele's Bold Statement

Unleashing the Allure of Oxidised Jewellery: Estele's Bold Statement

Welcome to Estele, where we embrace the unconventional and challenge traditional norms. In this blog, we delve into the realm of oxidized jewellery, exploring the captivating allure of bangles, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and more. By breaking free from the confines of conventionality, Estele invites you to discover a unique style statement that pushes boundaries and sparks conversations. So, let's dive into the intriguing world of oxidized jewellery and learn how to confidently don these stunning pieces.

The Power of Oxidized Jewellery:

Oxidized Jewellery

Embracing the Aged Aesthetic: Oxidized jewellery undergoes a process that deliberately accelerates the natural tarnishing of metals, creating a beautifully aged look. This raw and unpolished appearance exudes a rustic charm that sets it apart from traditional jewellery.

Provoking Conversation: Oxidized jewellery challenges the notion of perfection and embraces imperfections. Each piece carries a story, igniting conversations and allowing you to connect with others on a deeper level. It's an opportunity to defy societal norms and celebrate individuality.

Bangles and Bracelets: Adorn Your Wrists with Confidence

oxidized bangles and bracelets

Layering with Purpose: Create a statement by layering different styles, textures, and widths of oxidized bangles and bracelets. Experiment with mixing metals and incorporating other unconventional materials to add a touch of edginess to your look.

Bohemian Chic: Pair chunky oxidized bangles with flowy maxi dresses, fringed kimonos, or wide-leg pants for a bohemian-inspired ensemble. Let your wrists do the talking as you exude a carefree and artistic vibe.

Pendants and Necklaces: Tell Your Story with Elegance

Pendants and Necklaces

The Perfect Pendant: Opt for an oxidized pendant that resonates with your personality and values. Whether it's a symbolic charm, a mystical motif, or a unique design, let your pendant reflect your individuality and be a conversation starter.

Layering Necklaces: Experiment with layering oxidized necklaces of varying lengths. Combine delicate chains with chunky pendants or mix metals for a dynamic and personalized look. Allow your necklaces to intertwine and create a captivating visual narrative.

Earrings: Daring to Be Different


Asymmetry and Mismatched: Embrace the unconventional by wearing mismatched oxidized earrings. Mix and match different designs, lengths, and motifs to create a visually striking and thought-provoking statement. Dare to be different and break free from the symmetrical norms.

Statement Chandeliers: Make a grand entrance with big oxidized earrings. These ornate pieces will frame your face, capturing attention and exuding an air of confidence and sophistication.

Embracing the Unexpected: Oxidized Jewellery Beyond Traditional Outfits

Oxidized Jewellery

Contrasting Styles: Don't limit yourself to traditional pairings. Experiment by juxtaposing oxidized jewellery with unexpected styles, such as pairing it with sleek, modern attire or incorporating it into a casual streetwear ensemble. The contrast will create a visually captivating juxtaposition.

Office Elegance: Infuse a touch of uniqueness into your work attire by wearing oxidized jewellery. Opt for discreet pieces, such as small oxidized studs or a delicate pendant, to add a subtle yet empowering edge to your professional look.



Oxidized jewellery from Estele challenges conventional notions of beauty and invites you to embrace the bold, the imperfect, and the unexpected. By wearing these captivating pieces with confidence, you not only make a style statement but also excuse a rustic charm. So, dare to explore the mystique of oxidized jewellery and join us on this captivating journey.