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About Us

At Estele, we believe in the power of the modern woman. The world is her oyster to grow and thrive, breaking through the glass ceiling. Our jewellery reflects the same gentle grace, confidence and power. A brand that celebrates women, we bring beautiful and delicate jewellery borne from love and intimacy, crafted with care.

We made our foray into fashion jewellery in the year 1989, launching as Normark Fashion. A joint venture between Normark Fashions (P) Ltd based out of Hyderabad and Normark Fashions, Inc from Canada – Estele truly symbolizes the synergy between the two worlds and the influence of Western fashion in India.

The word Estele stands for 'star' - and we want women to feel like one when they wear our jewellery. The modern woman is a symbol of style and elegance. And to honour that, we design pieces that go beyond a simple style statement – our pieces complete the wearer and are as much a part of them as themselves.

It is said that there is no love as deep as the love you has for yourself. Estele stands as a testament to this love. Love your spirit and, the world will follow.

Brand Journey

Started in the year 1989 by Normak Fashions Private Ltd and Normak Canada with a vision of local employment

We believe in women, in their strength and power. Their sheer resilience and unyielding spirit inspire us to carry forward relentless. Estele seeks to empower women at every step of the way. Today, we are proud to have women make up over ninety per cent of our workforce, a figure that is only going to grow with time.

We are more than our jewellery. We are a promise of affection, a symbol of care and a shining beacon of faith.